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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CWKPQ, guild run

Had 2 successful CWKPQ with guild members. Only 1 member died, and it was on the second run...
(you know who you are =P). A couple people got good MoN's...11 weapon attk.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

CWK PQ - Crimsonwood Keep PQ

I found a video that is very helpful for this PQ. If you are planning on doing this PQ, I highly suggest that you watch this video first. Full CWKPQ guide . This gives all the information you need to have a successful party quest. I have taken some of the images from this video to give you an idea of what each stage is like. Big Thank you goes to the makers of this video, godlymotor on youtube, and Drunken Dutch Productions.

Once inside the PQ...

Stage 1 the portal shown is behind a big colomn..press up there to enter

Next comes...stage 2....hit your sigil until the top starts to spin.

Stage 3 ..........this stage has the big rollers in it, be careful cause they can do serious damage....on me it is 5k. Go to your class sigil, and hit it until the top starts spinning. Five people must pass through the portal on the top (which will transport you down to the bottom). Once everyone is done, you can go to the next stage.

Stage 4............... is another JQ type, There are 5 sigils, one for each class. They appear randomly so either remember what your class sigil looks like, or hit them randomly until you find yours, and the top starts spinning. On this stage there are 2 sigils at the top, and 2 on either side. I have no picture of this one.

Stage 5............On this stage enter your class room and click on the statue...it will tell you what you need to do. Each class is different, so watch the Great video that is linked above for in-depth information. Once you have completed your task, click on the statue again to get the weapon. Once you have obtained the weapon you must drop it on the statue in the main hall, in the correct spot and the statue will absorb it. Once each class has done this you may proceed to next stage.

Lastly is the Boss Stage....listen to your leader.

Once the boss stage is complete, you can go to bonus stage....please wait until the timer reaches 35 seconds before continuing to this stage. This gives everyone the same amount of time in the bonus stage.